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Making the Horizon by Charley Daveler

Making the Horizon

by Charley Daveler

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Making the Horizon

Making the Horizon

A Blank Slate. An Infant Reality.

Angel Montes, a prodigal painter lying to his family about his intentions, is the first to vanish. Keely Fletcher, a novelist with a flopping debut, is last seen leaving an award ceremony in tears. Ebony Shade, scam artist and romance author, failed to appear for her court date. Twelve artists across the United States are spirited away, and the authorities see no connection in these perplexing attacks.

Going by the native moniker “Jack,” a bounty hunter pursues a rogue mage’s escape into a magicless, underdeveloped plane. Off-limits to most travel, these locals aren’t practiced in dealing with whatever sick kinds of experiments the mage has in store. For several months their records show no clear patterns in who is chosen. Determined and tunnel visioned, Jack catches up – and finds himself sucked into the Sandbox himself.

The Sandbox, a new world with nothing but dirt and the long, circling horizon, proves a nightmare at first. Luckily, humans are survivors. Given the right tools, the artists create a world from scratch, building up their greatest fantasies. Jack finds them living and thriving, surpassing the mage’s expectations. (Even if they did require a little… push.) It’s not until life is created that everything comes crumbling down.

Headstrong minds clash, and with the ability to fashion anything in their own two hands… well, all’s fair in love and war. Morality, desires, and dreams come under scrutiny as the artists feud, questioning what exactly are they willing to sacrifice for their freedom.

Preorders available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.

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