Charley Daveler

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Smog smothers the industrial human cities to the East, but the Wyrd lurks in the wilds. The boundaries of this unexplored other realm shift and slither, running from the grasp of those who seek it, flooding over innocents as they sleep. Only few claim to have bore witness to the gray, thick mists, but all have seen what creeps from it.

Rasmus Kondori is a fighter, a hero at times, a trickster at others, but first and foremost a survivor. His sister, Kaia, plays the coward, but harbors away more secrets than she lets on, even when hubris rears its ugly head. And it often does. Driven by hunger, curiosity, and no place to call home, the siblings offer aid to anyone they encounter—threat real or not.

Sarcastic, dark, whimsical, and romantic, the Stories of the Wyrd explore a fantastical world where magic combats machine and knowledge wars with superstition in an ongoing online series of short stories.